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STS-3SONET Transmission Rate of 155.52 Mbps
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On the drop side, the interface is a byte-wide data and clock interface for STS-3 streams in Conexant's SONET Interleave Bus (SI-Bus) interface format.
When the VSC9116 is used in conjunction with any one of Vitesse's framer ICs, STS-192 solutions are realized for aggregating STS-3, STS-12 and STS-48 data streams for SONET/ATM/Packet applications, simplifying design.
The product's ability to seamlessly work with AMCC's OC-48 framer/mapper/pointer processor devices, and to provide for the aggregation of STS-3, STS-12 and STS-48 traffic into an OC-192 signal enables AMCC to support even the most demanding of DWDM and ADM bandwidth applications.