STSEScience, Technology, Society, and Environment Education
STSESeeds of Texas Seed Exchange (College Station, TX)
STSESplit Thickness Skin Excision (wound treatment)
STSEScience Talent Search Examination
STSESubacute Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (brain disease)
STSEScience-Technology-Society-Environment (science education approach)
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In this study, the relation between the severity of STSE and the proximity of the culprit lesion along the infarct-related RCA was investigated in patients with AIMI.
The AIMI was defined as the presence of persistent chest pain of ischemic nature (at least 30 minutes) accompanied by STSE of at least 1 mm in at least 2 of the inferior derivations (D2, D3, aVF) and presence of at least twofold increase in creatine kinase (CK)-MB level compared to normal baseline value.
The patients with the culprit lesions in the proximal portion (n=23) of the RCA were found to have a mean STSE value of 12.
The presence of a more severe STSE in D3 compared to that in D2 was found to have a positive predictive value of 97% in the prediction RCA occlusion in AIMI (8).
Each STSE is dedicated and accountable to a limited number of clients, employing extensive knowledge of their requirements and systems to help recommend improved configurations or relevant upgrades as needed.
The STSE is a specialized equity capital market that serves all of China and the world.
As such, we believe the Company is a perfect fit for the STSE.
As a Trust Member of the STSE, Genesis can open doors to appropriate Chinese partners.
STSE was established to promote the commercialization of technological innovations, to solve bottleneck problems in combining technological, industrial, and financial capitals, and to actively construct operational and exit mechanisms for venture investments.
James Wang, CEO and President of Genesis Technology commented on the agreement, "We are fortunate to have this opportunity to become a partner of STSE in facilitating the exchange between technology companies and entrepreneurs in the US and China.
Minyong Cai, President of STSE indicated, "Our vision is to bridge the combination of technological innovations and investment capital, promote the commercialization of high technology, to introduce strategic investment partners for high-tech enterprises, and to provide entry and exit mechanism for venture investments.