STSGSplit Thickness Skin Graft
STSGScreening Test of Spanish Grammar (speech and hearing disorders)
STSGSpine Trauma Study Group (medicine)
STSGStochastic Tree Substitution Grammar (computer science)
STSGSchools Theatre Support Group (UK; school-based theater technicians' organization; est. 2005)
STSGScience and Technology Study Group
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Thomas noted that Tegile has developed strong partnerships with VMware, Cisco Systems, Citrix and others which combine to help STSG solve their client's performance and economic challenges of VDI implementations.
Tegile's DFW Regional Sales Manager Ed Leonard said, “Tegile also looks forward to our new relationship with STSG.
STSG is a dynamic Computer Systems Reseller organization in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana markets.
Patients who underwent loose scrotal approximation with U-stitch after surgical debridement required less hospitalization than patients who received STSG, but without statistical difference probably due to small number of patients (p = 0.
In an advancement flap, a small flap of skin is mobilized and used to cover an adjacent defect without the use of STSG for the donor defect.
After 48 hours of NPWT the physician determined the patient to be ready for STSG and Plastic surgery took over the patient's care.
After the STSG, areas that were grafted were covered in an antibacterial ointment, impregnated gauze, and wrapped with dry gauze roll.
Most grafts used for reconstructive purposes are STSGs.
00 km, part refurbishment and adaptation to STSG, both RFB; Site supervision construction Tunnel - Outdoor - bridge.
The STSG measures include the manufacture central reservation crossing or operating reversal, the retrofitting of emergency services and fire fighting niches, adaptation and expansion of video compression system including the cameras.
During the project S16 Arlberg expressway, STSG measures Strenger Tunnel 3 new crosscuts between the two existing main tubes are structurally prepared essentially provided and the galleries and the beginning of the mining tubes with a structural fire protection in West Portal.