STSGSplit Thickness Skin Graft
STSGScreening Test of Spanish Grammar (speech and hearing disorders)
STSGSpine Trauma Study Group (medicine)
STSGStochastic Tree Substitution Grammar (computer science)
STSGSchools Theatre Support Group (UK; school-based theater technicians' organization; est. 2005)
STSGScience and Technology Study Group
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A manutencao das luminarias para iluminacao publica na cidade de Passo Fundo e realizada pela Secretaria de Transportes e Servicos Gerais (STSG) da Prefeitura da cidade.
Further utilizing the capabilities of NPWT when it is applied over the split-thickness skin graft (STSG) it proved effective in removal of serous fluid which improved protection against infections that can prevent graft take if allowed to accumulate underneath the graft.2 Also better immobilization of the graft was achieved in anatomically challenging areas (with complicated wound geometries, irregular wound surfaces or wounds subject to movement e.g.
In the remainder of the patients we employed meshed split thickness skin graft (STSG) as our workhorse reconstructive tool.
Primary closure of the defects is not sufficient; their limited options for repair include SIH, STSG, FTSG, and local flaps.
When a surgeon then attempts STSG, granulation continues for a long time before the skin graft begins.
Nine patients were identified who underwent escutcheonectomy, scrotoplasty, penile degloving, and STSG repair.
Subsequently, split thickness skin graft (STSG) had been performed to close the defect in the shaft of the penis and double keystone flaps had been used for scrotum and suprapubic defects.
Dallas, TX, January 16, 2014 --( Superior Turnkey Solutions Group (STSG), an IT infrastructure services company, and California based Tegile Systems, a provider of hybrid storage arrays for virtualized server and desktop environments, today announced they are partnering to offer Tegile's Zebi arrays as part of STSG's product portfolio.
Due to the moribund elderly patient with a potentially high perioperative risk, we decided against flap reconstruction but to use "bc/em" and STSG. Other substitutes like Matriderm would have been also a valuable option but in our case more expensive.
patients 2 19 9 Mean interval from 3 days 5.7 days 10 days onset to intervention Mean length of 12 days 26 days 52 days hospital stay Flora Both single 17 mixed, All mixed 2 single Reconstruction/ Primary closure STSG * STSG intervention Mortality 0% 0% 0% Variable Grade IV No.
Skin grafts can be either split thickness (STSG) or full thickness (FTSG).
Regarding the donor site morbidity, only one case had partial STSG loss.