STSLSea Turtle Survival League
STSLSubhiksha Trading Services Ltd. (est. 1997; India)
STSLSolidarity Trust Services Limited (Jersey Channel Islands)
STSLSpanco Telesystems and Solutions, Ltd. (Mumbai, India)
STSLSiemens Transportation Systems Limited (UK)
STSLShort-Term Selected Line (animal genes)
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5% incidence of complete ossification of STSL in north Indian population, which indicates it is not so rare as we found in different literatures.
TABLE--1: Sidewise allocation of completely or partially ossified STSL Serial No.
In present study dried 204 scapulae were analysed irrespective of age and sex to see the presence of ossi-fied STSL from the Anatomy Departments of Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore and Khawaja Muham-mad Safdar Medical College Sialkot.
Silva et al12 found the ossified STSL in 68 out of 221 (30.
20 A study was conducted to classify the suprascapular notch in Pakistani populat-ion in 201021 but no such study about inci-dence of ossification of STSL is conducted previously in Pakistan.
The ossification of the STSL was considered anomalous by Lewis and Harris et al.
In the diagnosis of suprascapular nerve entrapment syndrome, anatomical variations of the STSL sometimes feature in the hierarchy of possible etiologic factors (Callahan et al.
The exam was performed by presence of STSL completely ossified.
Macroscopic examination revealed that 68/221 (30,76%) of analyzed scapulae presented the ossified STSL creating a forame (Figs.
The complete ossification of the STSL converting the suprascapular notch into foramen was found in three of 60 (5%) scapulae by Poirier & Charpy.
To our knowledge, this work is the first to quantify the variation of STSL ossified in Brazilians.
These data justify our results and the anatomical exploration of the scapular notch region and the STSL.