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STSNStichting Tubereuze Sclerosis Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Tuberous Scelerosis Foundation)
STSNSuite Technology Systems Network (Utah)
STSNScience and Technology Studies Network (University of Canterbury; Christchurch, New Zealand)
STSNSeaman, Sonar Technician Striker (Naval Rating)
STSNStatement of Transition Service Needs (education)
STSNSouthern Tier Senior Net (computer learning facility)
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Stephen Cobb, CISSP, is the author of "Privacy for Business" and the chief security executive of STSN, which supplies wired and wireless broadband to business travelers via a hotel network architecture that's so different from a typical network that it recently received its own patent.
Because of this tight focus, Salt Lake-based STSN, which also has offices in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, has become the premier provider of broadband services to the hospitality industry.
The STSN iBAHN wireless service-providing office-like speeds and secure connections to our conference attendees' corporate VPNs-has functioned flawlessly and has provided our property a competitive edge in the Bay area's tech-savvy market," said Jim Chamberlain, director of A/V services for the Santa Clara Marriott.
Our partnership with STSN again demonstrates our commitment to business and brings together two organisations each of whom are market leaders in their field.
STSN currently performs general construction for commercial energy projects and municipality infrastructure such as roads and airport runways.
Challenging Boingo, STSN, and T-Mobile is a new major player--at least in press releases.
Salt Lake City -- California-based GRIC Communication will provide GRIC customers with Wi-Fi and wired broadband access at more than 580 STSN broadband-enabled hotels.
The complex, near Meriden, has teamed up with STSN, the US provider of ultra-fast, secure access to the net.
The Boingo Roaming System includes more than 12,000 hot spots from roaming partners such as Wayport, STSN, Surf & Sip, Stay Online, Concourse Communications, and dozens of other network providers.
Two Salt Lake City companies, STSN and HOTSPOTZZ, are making a bet this is the case.
Hotel group Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts is linking up with high-speed Internet service provider STSN to bring 'pain free' online services to its guests.