STSPSouthern Taiwan Science Park (est. 1997)
STSPSmall Telescope Science Program
STSPSolar Terrestrial Science Program (NASA and ESA joint project)
STSPSame Time, Same Place
STSPSystems Thinking, Systems Practice (book)
STSPSecure Telephone System Program
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Using a geographic information system (GIS) and based on the vegetation degree of disturbance, we classified the STSP and surroundings as preserved (i.
For example, an STSP partnership with Cincinnati's Elementary Initiative, a program designed to improve 16 low-performing schools, resulted in an improvement in 80 percent of the schools, with 13 making "significant gains in two years," says Mitchell.
For example, in 2000 more than 40 STSP observers in 12 countries submitted more than 1,000 CCD images of Tempel 1 as it receded from perihelion and dimmed to 20th magnitude.
By the late 1980s STSP was a well-established systems text with a growing body of secondary literature about SSM applications.
Without the constraint of STSP lecture delivery, more individuals might have an opportunity to "attend" class without conflicts in scheduling.
The initial version of it was the `seven-stage model' which is shown in Figure 6 in STSP, p.
A positive sign of revenue recovery of high-tech industries in the STSP is that the two-month revenue for July and August reached NT$116.
6% yearly increase in the first half of the year, helping STSP to finish the same period with revenue of NT$290.
Officials of the STSP Administration indicated that the addition of the two new enterprises has brought the total number of approved companies to 300 so far, with 141 of then having been operational in the park for the moment.
17 trillion was generated at the HSP, NT$600 billion at the STSP and NT$363.
30, 2010 (CENS) -- Benefiting from economic recovery, Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) is expected to post revenue of more than NT$600 billion for 2010, and drive up the figure to NT$700 billion in 2011, according to STSP Administration officials.
TSMC) plans to solicit 3,050 people for its facilities in CTSP and 1,300 people in STSP.