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STSSSpace Tracking and Surveillance System
STSSStreptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome
STSSSocial Theory and Social Structure (publication; est. 1949)
STSSScience, Technology and Society Studies (research workshop)
STSSShort-Term Storage Space (cognition)
STSSNational Seminar on Science, Technology and Social Sciences (Malaysia)
STSSSurface Towed Search System
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To avoid any multicollinearity, the IES and STSS total scores were used rather than the subscale scores.
Patients with STSS were included in accordance with the consensus definition (19); STSS also was the diagnosis for patients who were dead on arrival or who died within 48 hours after illness onset and for whom laboratory data were insufficient in accordance with the methodology of Davies et al.
STSS found cost controls to be powerful measures, especially if the contractor could share in the savings (personal communication, September 27, 2006).
In this letter, we describe a patient with nonmenstrual recurrent STSS and severe eosinophilia.
The STSS sensors, if deployed on a fleet of spacecraft circling in low-Earth orbit, can pick up the angle the rocket is traveling, Young said.
Development of STSS was a strong predictor of poor outcome, although whether this syndrome is independently related to death is unclear, given that several of its constituent markers effectively denote the progressive failure of organ systems.
The total score on the STSS, participation in group therapy, support of family/friends, and availability of religious support were statistically significant (p < .
MDA purposely adopted a strategy that would evolve STSS over time rather than trying to make a big leap in its capability, deferring some requirements, and calling for competition in the development of the sensors aboard the satellite.
The STSS (Bride, Robinson,Yegidis, & Figley, 2004) is a 17-item, self-report instrument designed to assess the frequency of intrusion, avoidance, and arousal symptoms associated with STS resulting from working with traumatized populations.
Invasive GAS disease is defined as GAS isolated from a normally sterile site such as blood or cerebrospinal fluid or from a wound when accompanied by STSS or necrotizing fasciitis (20).
STSS was defined according to US specifications that differentiate between confirmed and probable cases on the basis of recovery of a sterile or nonsterile site isolate, respectively (4).
The ship's crew fired the SM-3 based on STSS track data and before the ship's radar acquired the target.