STSTStainless Steel
STSTStockinette Stitch (knitting)
STSTSearch Term Suggestion Tool (research tool)
STSTSelective Tidal Stream Transport (animal behavior)
STSTSounding the Seventh Trumpet (Avenged Sevenfold music album)
STSTSocio-Technical Systems Theory (information systems management)
STSTShort Term Skills Training
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He added that the STST was conducted with the company's usual high level of professionalism and efficiency, with safety remaining as paramount importance.
Fendercare Marine is the world-leader in ship-to-ship (STST) transfers, having provided safe and efficient STST services for almost 25 years.
Over the last five years, discussions at STST have help propelled significant movement in growing awareness and demand for Independent Verification and Validation (IVV) services in Malaysia," she said, adding that such constructive engagement continues at this year's forum.
Having a theme of Ensuring Quality through IVV Services STST 2015 is being held on the 3rd and 4th November 2015.
STST 2015 features Keynote presentations Professor Dr Jasbir Dhaliwal and Associate Professor Dr Robin Poston, both from University of Memphis, USA.
STST 2015 is expected to be attended by 200 participants from industry, government and academic sectors.
I urge all stakeholders to leverage on the STST 2015 platform to provide input for refinements and new plans.
STST is organised by the MSTB, in collaboration with the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister's Department, Standards Malaysia and MAMPU.
Down-estuary migration of the females most likely occurs at night and is facilitated by STST on ebb tides.
Sponge crabs with early-stage eggs remain in the lower portion of the estuary and do not engage in STST.
Therefore, to be effective, vertical migrations underlying STST must be precisely timed with the correct tidal currents (8, 9).
Nevertheless, the adaptive value of STST during each phase may be different.