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STTSecurities Transaction Tax (India)
STTSuomen Tietotoimisto (Finnish National News Agency)
STTSpeech to Text (system for hearing impaired)
STTSecure Transaction Technology
STTSpinothalamic Tract
STTSchirmer Tear Test (ophthalmology)
STTShort Term Training
STTSoft Tissue Therapy
STTStudent Talking Time (TESOL jargon)
STTSystem Time Table
STTSingle Target Track
STTSpecial Tactics Team
STTSmall Tactical Terminal
STTSatellite Transportable Terminal (communications; US Army)
STTState Transition Table
STTSet-Top Terminal
STTSkid to Turn (missile)
STTSEAL Tactical Training
STTSt. Thomas Hall (University of Scranton)
STTSpace-Time Trellis (coding scheme)
STTSave the Trees (band)
STTShore Targeting Terminal
STTSource to Target (data mapping)
STTShort Term Throughput
STTSpecial Task Team
STTSoft Tissue Trauma
STTStatement to Task
STTSchool of Telecommunications Technology
STTSt Thomas Island, VI, USA - Cyril E. King Airport (Airport Code)
STTScaphotrapezoid-Trapezial (Joint)
STTSky Trek Tower (amusement park ride)
STTSlave to Target (blog)
STTScaphoid, Trapezium and Trapezoid (wrist bones)
STTSystem Test Tool
STTStrategy and Training Teams
STTSituational Training Template
STTSerial Thrombin Time
STTSoftware Tips and Tricks (website)
STTSignal Tracking Trainer
STTSystem Technical Test
STTSchedule Training Time
STTSpread To Treasurys
STTSuccess-To-The-Top Network Routing
STTScalar Timing Theory
STTSwiss Table Tennis
STTSurface Tension Transfer (welding)
STTState Street Corporation (stock symbol)
STTStability Transition Team (US Army)
STTStop Tail Turn (tractor trailer lighting)
STTSumatran Tiger Trust
STTSeptic Tank Treatment (home maintenance)
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The STT applies to every sale, barter, exchange or other disposition of shares of stock listed and traded through a local stock exchange, other than sale by a dealer in securities, and shall be paid by the seller or transferor,' Monzon said.
LandsD will terminate the current STT in accordance with the terms in the tenancy agreement.
Under STT, Livevol X will be known as Sterling VolTrader.
However, the predicted rise (3) in the number of late-deafened people and cochlear implant wearers who will need STT interpreting support seems to justify greater attention by interpreting scholars as well as international cooperation, not least because STT interpreting as a real-time process shares many similarities with spoken interpreting, Sign Language interpreting and live subtitling (see for example Norberg, 2014; Norberg & Stachl-Peier, in press; Tiittula, 2006).
Updated STT design, including mechanical, electronic, and software improvements
Noting that STT is the prerogative of the government, Sinha said it is not something where the market regulator can take a call.
The deal, whose value was not provided, is seen to be concluded at the end of this month, after securing the required competition approvals, STT said in a press release.
Level 3 Communications Inc (NYSE:LVLT), a provider of IP-based communications services, said today that it has filed a registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, as required by the Stockholder Rights Agreement between STT Crossing Ltd and Level 3.
STT can provide an occasion of painful memories or regret, but they do not make the original pain worse.
We build our system using proven mechanical components controlled by an advanced control module designed in-house," said STT Emtec project leader Claes Akerlund.
To underscore this contention, 40 states and the District of Columbia recently agreed to exchange information with the IRS to prevent duplication of efforts in combating perceived "abusive tax avoidance schemes and transactions"; see IRS,"40 States Partnering to Fight Abusive Tax Avoidance Schemes," 2003 STT 180-1 (9/17/03).
At a press conference, STT President Eikichi Shimizu said his company had to rely on loans as the bursting of the economic bubble applied the brakes to sales of golf club memberships.