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STTSecurities Transaction Tax (India)
STTSuomen Tietotoimisto (Finnish National News Agency)
STTSpeech to Text (system for hearing impaired)
STTSecure Transaction Technology
STTSpinothalamic Tract
STTSchirmer Tear Test (ophthalmology)
STTShort Term Training
STTSoft Tissue Therapy
STTStudent Talking Time (TESOL jargon)
STTSystem Time Table
STTSingle Target Track
STTSpecial Tactics Team
STTSmall Tactical Terminal
STTSatellite Transportable Terminal (communications; US Army)
STTState Transition Table
STTSet-Top Terminal
STTSkid to Turn (missile)
STTSEAL Tactical Training
STTSt. Thomas Hall (University of Scranton)
STTSpace-Time Trellis (coding scheme)
STTSave the Trees (band)
STTShore Targeting Terminal
STTSource to Target (data mapping)
STTShort Term Throughput
STTSpecial Task Team
STTSoft Tissue Trauma
STTStatement to Task
STTSchool of Telecommunications Technology
STTSt Thomas Island, VI, USA - Cyril E. King Airport (Airport Code)
STTScaphotrapezoid-Trapezial (Joint)
STTSky Trek Tower (amusement park ride)
STTSlave to Target (blog)
STTScaphoid, Trapezium and Trapezoid (wrist bones)
STTSystem Test Tool
STTStrategy and Training Teams
STTSituational Training Template
STTSerial Thrombin Time
STTSoftware Tips and Tricks (website)
STTSignal Tracking Trainer
STTSystem Technical Test
STTSchedule Training Time
STTSpread To Treasurys
STTSuccess-To-The-Top Network Routing
STTScalar Timing Theory
STTSwiss Table Tennis
STTSurface Tension Transfer (welding)
STTState Street Corporation (stock symbol)
STTStability Transition Team (US Army)
STTStop Tail Turn (tractor trailer lighting)
STTSumatran Tiger Trust
STTSeptic Tank Treatment (home maintenance)
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Optimized for field testing, the STT Metro offers a comprehensive range of Ethernet traffic generation and diagnostic capabilities for service installation, turn-up, and verification.
STT can provide an occasion of painful memories or regret, but they do not make the original pain worse.
4 billion in corporate income tax revenue alone, which represents 35% of all 2001 state corporate income taxes collected (see "Corporate Tax Sheltering and the Impact on State Corporate Income Tax Revenue Collections," 2003 STT 140-4 (7/22/03); see also "Abusive Tax Shelters Should Be Curtailed, But the MTC's Exaggerated Numbers Aren't Helpful to the Debate" 2003 STT 144-6 (7/28/03) (criticizing the MTC report by charging that estimates of the cost of shelters are inflated)).
Founded in 1981, STT currently operates 11 golf courses such as Chiyoda Country Club in Ibaraki Prefecture and Prestige Country Club in Tochigi Prefecture.
Headquartered in Malmo, Sweden STT Condigi has businesses in Sweden, Denmark and Finland as well as a growing export division.
The acceptance of the enhanced STT by the community has exceeded our expectations and confirms the need for this product.
On the other hand, STT shows from a sidewalk (in the time it takes a car to drive by) explicit pictures that are the progeny of that falsehood.
Designed to test next-generation SONET/SDH and OTN networks, the fully integrated STT ONE module lowers the total cost of ownership for test equipment by allowing technicians to perform a wide range of tests at virtually any location on an optical network.
At less than half the weight of similar products in the industry, the STT 40G (http://www.
STT has had a long and successful history in transportation dating back to the early 1920's.
What sets STT apart from other forms of street action is that it is conducted in such a quiet way.
The test, using pork fat, demonstrated that Kreido's STT System is able to carry out an excellent conversion of animal fat to methyl ester biodiesel.