STTIRSmall Technology Transfer Innovation Research
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Whereas laser-welding techniques such as scan or trace welding require a laser beam to travel along the weld line of a plastic part, heating and cooling as it goes, STTIr shapes multiple stationary laser beams in a wave guide along the entire length of the weld line.
The exclusive STTir process boasts a significantly faster weld cycle on large parts and more precise melting of the weld line than with scan or tracer welding processes which must travel the entire length of the weld line to accomplish heating.
The new GLX-3 laser welder incorporates advanced features, including Branson's patented Simultaneous Thru-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) process, which heats, melts and joins the entire weld line of two or more parts simultaneously.
A unique approach to laser welding is Simultaneous Through Transmission Infrared (STTIR) welding, which provides reliable and robust seals by allowing for collapse or displacement during the weld without generation of particulates.