STTOPStanding Together To Oppose Partial Birth Abortion (Grand Rapids, MI)
StTOPStop the Taking of Pinewild
STTOPStudents Teaching Tolerance, Openness and Pride (gay-straight alliance)
STTOPShort Term Treatment Options Program
STTOPShort Term/Training Opportunity Program
STTOPStop Teen Tobacco Organizing Project
STTOPSpeak Truth to Power
STTOPSheriff's Teen Traffic Offender Program
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The Sheriff's Department will be appointing a STTOP deputy to make the visits.
Seventeen-year-old Tyler Johnstone, a representative for the city's Vision in Progress youth program, believes his peers will be responsible and responsive to STTOP.
The STTOP program has been used at the Lost Hills sheriff's station in Calabasas for the past three years and has proven effective, officials said.
For information about STTOP, call the Santa Clarita sheriff's station at (661) 255-1121.
STTOP, which encourages the community to call in and report teens who aren't driving safely, has been run out of the Lost Hills sheriff's station for the past two years.
The Thousand Oaks Police Department has made plans to launch its own segment of the STTOP program in May.
The STTOP program, first created by a former Lost Hills captain and traffic officer, uses the hotline for residents to call and report license plate numbers of suspected offenders.
Woodard, who has spent nine months working on the program, said he is now trying to expand the STTOP so that it includes a video, a monthly seminar, and community mailings.