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The Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning is pleased to announce the addition of a second night bus route that will cover parts ofthe Upper Town.As a result ofthe STTPP, which aims at providing alternative transport options, this new route, operated by the Gibraltar Bus Company will provide a much-needed night service.
This scheme takes on board all the feedback received throughoutthe consultation period ofthe STTPP and addresses the needs of different users within the zone, such as residents, visitors and commercial deliveries.
It is essential that we constantly audit and monitor this scheme objectively, as set out within the STTPP recommendations, to ensure that its aims and objectives are met as best as possible."
HM GoG is pleased to announce, in keeping with recommendations from the STTPP, the completion of improvements to Governors Street.
The final route, the Night Bus Route N8, which was commenced as a pilot scheme, after recommendations from the STTPP, will appear as from this Friday 28th April on the Bus Tracker Web App alongside all the other routes.
This major STTPP public transport target now brings the local bus service into the 21st century and in line with what can be seen in many major cities of the world.
Her Majestys Government of Gibraltar is pleased to announce the launch of the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan (STTPP).