STTSSekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya (Indonesian: Surabaya Technical High School; Surabaya, Indonesia)
STTSSoft Tactile Transducer Sensor (safety mat system)
STTSService Tunnel Transport System (Channel Tunnel)
STTSSystem Test & Troubleshooting Station
STTSScottish Tramway and Transport Society (UK; est. 1951)
STTSShatin Tsung Tsin Secondary School (Hong Kong)
STTSScaphoid-Trapezium-Trapezoid Subluxation (hand injury)
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Regarding the remaining 1.2 hectares of government land, the LandsD received a number of applications for Short Term Tenancies (STTs) before the specified deadlines.
ViaSat Inc., a global broadband services and technology company, announced today it delivered its 500th production KOR-24A Small Tactical Terminal (STT).
Under STTS's project, both partners will develop the site further to accommodate aircraft interior work.
This resulted in different creep rates which were compared to the creep rates obtained from the STTs. The hold time was set to 3 min, both at the lower and upper hold temperatures.
New Delhi [India], Feb 12 ( ANI ):, the key product of STTS Inc.
Atlas Material Testing Technology, a unit of AMETEK Measurement & Calibration Technologies, has taken over all operations of Miami-based SubTropical Testing Service (STTS).
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 29, 2016-ViaSat to produce STTs for attack helicopters
Deep Dive training that is specific to a problem set or intelligence discipline will occur in the form of STTs and taught by Section NCOICs.
Secretaria del Trabajo y Prevision Social (STTS) (2014).
(5) But in this period of Abhayagiri dominance, it seems to me more likely that these icons of a supreme Buddha were part of the esoteric cult like that which supplied Amoghavajra with a library of texts, including copies of the Sarvatathagatatattvasangraha (STTS), the root text of Yogatantra.
An example of the above stated can be seen in the STTS of July 25, 2000 where the High Court partially supported the appeal by the accused and condemned him as author of a homicide-- not murder--with aggravating circumstances of relationship and abuse of superiority, because of the understanding that there is insufficient information to assess the concurrence of the aggravating circumstance of treachery.
DUBAI World Central (DWC), the world's first purpose-built aerotropolis, has announced the signing of a strategic agreement with STTS Group, a major player in aircraft painting.