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STU-IIISecure Telephone Unit III (US government)
STU-IIISecure Telephone Unit–Third Generation
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The unit collects all the soldiers to be trained in one place with access to a STU-III speakerphone.
At a time that's good for the unit and the mentor (on the same day or on a different day) the unit calls back on the STU-III.
The STU-III has made all the difference as far as the booming of the [Tempest fax] marketplace goes," said Robert Johnson, government marketing manager of Ricoh's Communication Products Group.
The influence of STU-III on the Tempest fax market is so pervasive that when asked to estimate the market's size, each vendor JED contacted resorted to taking a percentage of the STU-III universe.
In 1987, the STU-III family of equipment was introduced.
STU-III Low-Cost Terminals are being produced by three vendors-AT&T, GE (formerly RCA), and Motorola.
I am also pleased to note that the cooperative effort between the National Security Agency and DIS to loan approximately 6,000 of the newest STU-III models to industry on a long-term, noncontract-specific basis is on track.