STUAStaatliches Umweltamt
STUAScottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology (UK)
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STUAS uses Insitu's Integrator airframe, which uses common
However, STUAS will be procured and operated by the services rather than
When STUAS comes online, it will not replace ScanEagle.
The Stuas is a multi-intelligence system to fulfil the needs of the Marine Expeditionary forces, US Navy L-Class (amphibious warfare) ships and Naval Special Warfare (NSW) units.
7 million STUAS engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) phase contract from the Navy in late July.
Although there are customers out there, he says, the volume of sales will be more "by the handful - 10 to 15 in one place, two or three in another," than the high numbers STUAS would have meant.
Killer Bee 4: The lighter US Navy/Marine Corps Tier II or Stuas (Small Tactical UAS), now part of Group Three, is required for service in 2011.
Capt J R Brown, STUAS program manager, credits the latest delay to taking extra vigilance with taxpayer dollars.