STUASSmall Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (US DoD)
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By 2020, STUAS should account for half of all UAVs in the Navy's inventory.
STUAS uses Insitu's Integrator airframe, which uses common
However, STUAS will be procured and operated by the services rather than
STUAS, which is being developed by Insitu, will accommodate a 75-pound payload--a drastic improvement over its predecessor's 5-pound limit.
Acquiring STUAS allows us to fill a gap," said Witzleb.
Capt J R Brown, STUAS program manager, credits the latest delay to taking extra vigilance with taxpayer dollars.
The Marine Corps's stated objective for STUASs is for them to "play a key role in all USMC missions across the range of military operations, to include forward presence, security cooperation, counterterrorism, crisis response, forcible entry, prolonged operations, and counterinsurgency.
The Navy special warfare community and the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command did employ Pioneer and follow-on STUASs, but the Navy failed to develop a follow-on that was suitable for either the aviation or surface community.