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STUBSoftware Technik Und Beratung (German: Software Engineering and Consulting)
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Now, they surely must chew up those old stubs, and dry and sell them for smoking-tobacco.
Daylight pointed at the heap of receipts and stubs on the table.
They argued at length, figuring out the odds with the aid of stubs of pencils and the backs of envelopes, but they were not confident.
The BPF for broadband channel is formed by three-coupled-line structure and two short stubs with different size loaded in 50 [ohm] feed lines, and the BPF for WLAN channel consists of two coupling QWRs and one open stub loaded in short parallel-coupling feed structure.
Government Pathologist Johansen Odour conducted the examination on Thursday and noted that there was a single stub wound on Bradley's neck.
The uproar began late in May when a pay stub was posted on the messaging app Telegram for an executive at Central Insurance of Iran, also state-owned, showing he was paid 870 million rials a month ($300,000 a year).
Our innovative multi-octave stub antenna is the first of its kind," said Pharad CTO Rod Waterhouse.
Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said: "Memorabilia relating to the launch is very unusual but it's exceptionally rare to offer a ticket stub that can be directly traced to the individual who attended the launch.
The Stub is in the white with all holes drilled, tapped, and reamed to proper size.
The high cost in the supply and installation of conventional and large shot-blasting chambers for cleaning the stubs on anode rods prompted MetalTech Gulf to develop this new stub cleaning technology in close cooperation with a local Gulf smelter.
1) The stub typically included the respective seat location to serve as a receipt for the stub holder.
5GHz and faster, via stubs begin to have a noticeable impact on the insertion and return loss of a PCB.