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STUFTShips Taken Up From Trade
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He concluded that perhaps he was a bit old for the seat-of-your-pants stuft; but he had absolute faith in the innovation.
Latine "fustian Lattine" (WD sentences" (Hv) 2.2.20) "false lattine" (NH 1.1.48) 261 "sentences, wherewith you have "a dried sentence, stuft stuffed your Letter" (Hv) with sage" (WD 4.2.244) 262 "Out upon" (Hv) "Out upon" (DLC 4.2.156) "Out upon't" (WD 5.4.82; NH 5.1.124) 263 "in all things" (Hv) "in all things" (DLC 1.1.196; A & V 1.4.150, 4.2.56; WD 5.1.36; CHARS USR 19) "all things" (DM 3.1.75, 3.4.49, 5.3.18; DLC 5.5.67; A & V 5.1.81; WD 2.1.202, 5.1.63; CHARS MILKM 21) 264 "against your will" (Hv) "against your will" (DLC 1.1.94) "against their will" (DLC 1.2.229) "against her wil" (WH 3.2.88) 265 "at one instant" (H2) "at this instant" (DM 5.1.9; Cf.
Payne Collier bases his claim that the play was composed "shortly before the year 1600" (5) on lines from "The Epilogue to the Reader" referring to its era on the stage: We know (and not long since) there was a time, Strong lines were not lookt'd after, but if rime O then 'twas excellent: who but beleeves, But Doublets, with stuft bellies and bigge sleeves, And those Trunk-hose which now the age doth scorn, Were all in fashion, and with frequence worne?
If more space was needed, other ships taken up from trade (STUFT) would be employed to transport the cargo.
(3.) Van der Stuft P, Gianella A, Pirard M, Cespedes J, Lora J, Peredo C, et al.
Mouths watered at The glimpses of enterprise intranet portals that flashed up on the screen showing the integration of the external and internal content that Factiva filtered for customer needs, and the integration of other vendors' "stuft" too.
These lustful delights included possessions like "wealthie Mannours," "stately tenements," "Ward-roabes stuft with proud Apparell," and "Coffers full of treasure," in addition to sinful practices like filling one's mouth "with oathes" and one's "thoughts with strife and quarrell." Cosmopolites, according to Vicars, were not dedicated to God but bewitched by "Mammon, Sin-bane, Soules-decay." (21)
Stufted chicken breast, shrimp enchiladas, stuffed pork tenderloin and ched-dar pecan-stuffed flank steak.