STUGSoftware Tools User Group (USENIX)
STUGStudent Tablet User Group (University of Louisville; Louisville, KY)
STUGSturmgeschutz (German: Assault Gun)
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The Germans only deployed an average of three StuG brigades on the West Front from June to October 1944, and thereafter an average of six until the end of the war.
The infantry was quick to appreciate the offensive qualities of the StuGs, making them a high-demand weapon for eliminating of enemy bunkers, machine gun nests, strong points, and fortified lines.
Even if individuals could describe their STUG reactions in detail, many had difficulty with pinpointing the trigger and its related specific loss.
En de zwarten, dat was het zwarte vee waartegen je hard moest zijn, stug, wreed; die moest je onder den duim houden, zorgen, dat ze je niet bestalen.
The STUG award, which recognizes significant contributions to the open source reusable code-base, selected de Icaza and Ettrich for their achievements in creating a set of libraries, tools, and applications which are portable and run across several different operating system platforms and hardware architectures.