STUPSpecially Targeted Ultra Poor
STUPSpinning Tubular Projectile
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STUP is also expected to approach the court against KIAL s cancellation of the contract.
The issue gained momentum, when Mir projects, also a participant in the bid, approached the court saying that STUP had been blacklisted by Uttarakhand infrastructure development corporation and the Rajkot municipal corporation.
Later it was discovered that the Punjab infrastructure development board had blacklisted STUP.
The Mir Projects in its appeal to the Kerala High has claimed that STUP was banned by Uttarakhand State Infrastructure Development Corporation, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike or BBMP as well as the Rajkot Municipal Corporation because of several defects in their project implementations.
STUP as an integrated airport project consultant is authorized to support KIAL in the development of the greenfield airport project from the design to functional phase.
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