STWCStop the War Coalition
STWCStrike Warfare Commander
STWCSheep Tag World Cup
STWCStrike Warfare Coordinator
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Speakers included: Chairman STWC Suleman Khan Advocate Nisar Safdar from Khyber Col (r) A Razaq Bugti Engr.
Speakers from Sindh a[euro]" Col (r) A Razzaq Bugti and chairman STWC Salman Khan a[euro]" said Sindh would be a principal beneficiary of Kalabagh.
We will be there to mark this terrible number of soldiers who have died so unnecessarily," said STWC spokesman Andrew Burgin.
In addition, the national chairwoman of the STWC, Lindsey German, will also be giving a speech.
We think it is very funny that the President scurried out of the back door as a massive demonstration was passing nearby,' said a STWC spokesman.
Rugby STWC convenor Pete McLaren said: "Members felt strongly that MPs should have the right to express anti-war views and campaign against such an illegal, immoral and unjust war and, indeed, we applaud all those who have risked their political careers to do so.
The STWC resolution said that the lingering dispute needed the immediate attention of the world powers.
Mark Holt, of STWC, said: "We are hoping this event will be noticed by Israeli television, and Israelis will see there are millions of people out there who are disgusted by what is going on.
STWC convenor Lindsey German said: ``We are continuing to march because we want to make clear the strength of anti-war feeling in this country.
Last night, STWC member Martin Timpson urged others to follow his lead and write to Mr McGough.
We will be there to mark this terrible number of soldiers who have died unnecessarily," said STWC spokesman Andrew Burgin.
A STWC spokesman added: ``This phenomenal response shows the depth of feeling of the British public towards this visit.