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STYStyle (File Name Extension)
STYSalmonella Typhimurium
STYStyle Library
STYSame to You
STYStore Y (6502 processor instruction)
STYStyrian Airways, Austria (ICAO code)
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The Witnesses proved, without error or flaw, That the sty was deserted when found: And the Judge kept explaining the state of the law In a soft under-current of sound.
In their sty, moreover, they behaved more piggishly than the pigs that had been born so; for they bit and snorted at one another, put their feet in the trough, and gobbled up their victuals in a ridiculous hurry; and, when there was nothing more to be had, they made a great pile of themselves among some unclean straw, and fell fast asleep.
She therefore led Ulysses out of the back entrance of the palace, and showed him the swine in their sty.
When he approached the sty, two and twenty enormous swine separated themselves from the herd, and scampered towards him, with such a chorus of horrible squealing as made him clap both hands to his ears.
It must depend on your own future behavior," added Ulysses, "whether you do not find your way back to the sty.
The unnamed rescuer wrote: "Myself and my son were walking past Sty Head when we heard a knocking sound.
Before launching this new Saudia flight, people had to fly first to Washington or New York to catch a seven-hour flight to Los Angeles," Sty told Arab News.
ATTRACTIVE The four-bedroom property at Blaydon Burn also has an orchard, pig sty, duck pond, stables, paddock and a workshop
Rasher, a 10-week-old saddleback pig has gone missing from his five-star sty in a field just off Huddersfield Road near Meltham.
Pig Sty Alley is the dump it sounds like, but in the rundown flats live kung fu masters.
The 450 Petit Forestier vehicles that StY has are custom specified dual compartment refrigerated 3.