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Augustine, a hundred and fifty miles to the south, was inaudible two miles to the north in a still atmosphere.
And the birds!--they were everywhere; they swept back and forth across the river constantly, and their jubilant music was never stilled.
But Nancy sat quite still, only that her eyes dropped and ceased to meet his.
Our soldiers had recourse to their muskets, and four of them putting the mouths of their pieces to the heads of some of the most obstinate and turbulent, struck them with such a terror, that all the clamour was stilled in an instant; none received any hurt but the Moor who had been the occasion of the tumult.
An almost noise- less and blinding flash of light, and a man fell headlong and lay still; and as the unseen shaft of heat passed over them, pine trees burst into fire, and every dry furze bush became with one dull thud a mass of flames.
everything but the water is still and at peace; in, then, where you may create those sounds you love so well to hear."
And still there would be left enough for new stockings--two pairs apiece--and what darning that would save for a while!
There was not even a zephyr stirring; the dead noonday heat had even stilled the songs of the birds; nature lay in a trance that was broken by no sound but the occasional far-off hammering of a wood- pecker, and this seemed to render the pervading silence and sense of loneliness the more profound.
So fearful was he of the terrible De Vac that a threat of death easily stilled his tongue, and so the grim, old man led him to the boat hidden deep in the dense bushes.
It was still, complete, unknown, and full of a life that went on stealthily with a troubling effect of solitude; of a life that seemed unaccountably empty of anything that would stir the thought, touch the heart, give a hint of the ominous sequence of days.
The raiders were still a long way off when the warrior's keen eyes discovered them.
By stooping close, still on man-back, he managed to pass through the low doorway.