STRPShort Tandem Repeat Polymorphism
STrPSoftware Transition Plan
STRPStaff Tuition Reimbursement Program
STRPState and Tribal Response Program (US EPA)
STRPStructured RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan; Standard Life Canada)
STRPSpecific Targeted Research Program
STRPShort Tandem Repeat Polymorphic Marker
STRPSea Turtle Restoration Project
STRPScientific and Technical Review Panel
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STRP Phase one is estimated to cost $650 million, based on a conceptual design, and individual projects will be developed only after analysis shows their financial viability.
extent, the STRP and other committees already spend time doing this.
306) The STRP at the time of writing includes 17 members: a
The STRP is charged with reviewing "the wise use concept, its
In 1999, STRP left Earth Island to become independent.
Since its inception, STRP has achieved several important goals in both the United States and abroad.
The Lagunitas Creek watershed in Marin County, where the STRP office is located, is home to the largest remaining population of wild coho salmon in California.
Approximately three-fourths of total needs stem from the city's STRP program and the accompanying expansion of the WWTP.
For more information, contact STRP or Carole Allen at HEART (281) 444-6204, heartallen@ aol.
STRP also has requested that Padre Island and other important feeding and migratory pathways be closed to shrimping.
With hearings taking place in secret, STRP and the rest of the public can do little more than stand outside in the hallway, wondering what the US delegation is saying behind closed doors.
Working with the Sierra Club, the Humane Society of the US and the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, STRP is mounting a campaign to insist that representatives of environmental organizations -- who have fought so long (and successfully) to ensure international enforcement of the TED law -- be appointed to the US delegation and allowed to participate in the WTO hearings.