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YouTube statistical data for Kev Cai Hmoob Nraug Nas Lub Suab Qeej informs us that the "top locations" of the audience are Laos, Vietnam and the United States and that the "top demographics" are female 13-17 years, male 45-54 years and male 13-17 years.
Suab Qeej Hmoob 3, "Voice of the Hmong Qeej" (29) is a 3'05 excerpt from Part 3 of a series of four full-length CDs and DVDs produced by Apple Video Production, a Hmong-owned and operated production house in Sacramento, California.
Suab Qeej Hmoob 4 DVD will be available this July 14, 2012 and at SEA Games--Sacramento, CA.
Suab Qeej Hmoob 3 excited particular interest because the words that the qeej "speaks" are provided in subtitles.
(34) Posted description: "Suab Qeej Hmoob, Ntiv qeej xub rug, qeej taug nyuj neev, Hmoob keeb kwm, Hmong Thai history, documentary [clib]by William Geddes, Australia, University of Sidney [sic]." Posted 30 January 2012.
In 2010, the first Hmong-focused charter school in California, Yav Pem Suab (Preparing for the Future) Academy, opened in Sacramento.
Sapa is derived from the Hmong word, "Suab Puam." Hmong legend has it that the early Hmong settlers to Sapa found a small river there to be very sandy, so they call the area, Suab Puam, which in Hmong, means sand.
This traditional singing consists of poetic improvisation sung without music (what I will call "dry" singing) in a variety of regional styles or "seev suab", depending on what subgroup of Hmong (White, Blue or Striped) and what geographical locations are involved (China, Vietnam, northeastern Laos, central northern Laos, or Thailand).
(15) From the video documentary "Hmoob Lub Neej Ib Vuag Dua" (Hmong Life in Passing), produced by Suab Kub (Golden Voice) Productions, St.