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The documents mention ravages of Suai, Fohoterin, Follafaik, Fatulete, and Leteluli in these years, but not Luca, so it may possibly have submitted voluntarily.
coli shuttle [8] vector, based on pBluescript II KS (-) and pRN1, with the SsopyrEF marker pSAV2-argD SsopyrEF marker in pSAV2 This study replaced by SsoargD marker pSuaIPOP pBluescript II KS (-) carrying [8] the 800bp of 5' and 3' regions of suaI, pyrE, and 800 bp of 3' region of suaI placSpyrE pSuaIPOP derivative carrying This study 800 bp of 5' and 3' homologous regions of sual locus at both ends of pyrE-lacS dual marker PCR product pyrElacS800 Linear DNA carrying 800 bp of This study 5' and 3' homologous regions of sual locus at both ends of pyrE-lacS dual marker Table 2: Primers used in this study.
For example, a dispute resolution in the local manner after violence between two groups of youths in Suai who requested that the case be dropped was rejected by the judge on the basis that violence by martial arts gangs had important implications for public security and needed to be tried by the State (JSMP Justice Update, November 2005).
He cites as an example an anniversary remembrance of the killing of the priests in Suai, which was followed immediately by the burning of the U.N.
A prominent example was the suspension of thirtytwo civil servants for attending a meeting of the rival Partido Democratica (Democratic Party) in Suai district.
Five years ago, he went on a United Nations posting to troubled East Timor, where he was deputy head of security in the town of Suai and reportedly slept in a rundown building that came under gunfire from militia.
6, 1999, Suai church massacre, during which up to 200 civilians, including three priests, were killed.
By mid-October a New Zealand battalion group, supported by RNZAF helicopters and augmented by Canadian and Irish detachments, deployed to Suai. (7) It lay on the border with Indonesia, to which many refugees fled, with militia members in disguise amongst them.
Mrs Robinson spent three hours on Saturday at the border town of Suai, the site of a massacre during the 1999 violence.
Con gli argamenti sopra ciascuno di essi, camposti dalla medesima; insieme con alcuni suai Sanetti spirituali.
Currently 680 GSDF personnel are deployed in four regions in East Timor -- 340 in Dili, 110 in Suai, 110 in Maliana, and 120 in the enclave of Oecusse.
At this point, the Brigade, renamed WESTFOR, became the western force of INTERFET with headquarters in the town of Suai. It remained there until the transition to the United Nations Transitional Authority in East Timor (UNTAET) took over in February 2000 and released the Brigade to return to Australia.