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SUASSpecial Use Airspace (US Air Force)
SUASSmall Unmanned Aircraft Systems
SUASSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
SUASShut Up and Skate
SUASSouthwest Underwater Archaeology Society
SUASSouthampton University Air Squadron (RAF)
SUASStudent Union Advisory Service (Australia)
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Tha sreangan agam cuideachd ri chuir suas airson buntata milis a chuir mi.
* Maximizing use of SUAS with regard to their range, time flown, and priority intelligence requirements (PIRs) answered.
Future sUAS platforms, respectively, have the potential to satisfy a significant portion of small-unit airpower demands.
Some studies that analyze the public policy of Social Assistance from the formulation of the SUAS have shown that the institutional and normative changes occurred in 2003/2004 were strongly influenced by the electoral results of 2002, when a new composition of the stakeholders in the governmental setting was possible and in spaces of the decision-making process of the public agenda and the formulation of policies.
Outro artista contemporaneo a trabalhar com expressoes humanas e suas replicacoes nos meios tecnologicos, e o norte americano Tony Oursler (1957).
O trabalho do artista traz nas suas obras elementos graficos formais, em virtude da utilizacao de diversos procedimentos advindos de outras linguagens artisticas de como: a grafica e a pictorica.
Despite the fact that weapons technology in every sector has transformed rapidly over the last 50 years, the evolutionary pace of sUAS has been particularly startling.
The NTSB's investigation found the probable causes of the incident to include "the failure of the sUAS pilot to see and avoid the helicopter due to his intentional flight beyond visual line of sight.
Sendo assim, os editores agradecem a todos os autores que colaboraram com o envio de suas pesquisas/estudos para a revista.