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SUAVESport-Utility Assault Vehicle Extreme (computer game)
SUAVEStrategic Unmanned Air Vehicle Experiment (UK)
SUAVESavant and University of Adelaide VHDL (Virtual Hardware Description Language) Extensions (Australia and US)
SUAVESubmersible System Used to Assess Vented Emissions
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de Bellegarde answered with suave concision that he thought as ill of them as possible, that they were going from bad to worse, and that the age was rotten to its core.
"No, because she didn't," contradicted Blunt, with an angry frown and in an extremely suave voice.
He had changed little, was dressed like a young man of fashion--he was always a bit of a dandy--and preserved the same quiet, suave manner which had formerly distinguished him.
His voice was as smooth and suave as his countenance, as he advanced with a plump little hand extended, murmuring his regret for having missed us at his first visit.
He was a massive, implacable man with a handsome face, arbitrary and exacting with his dependants, but marvellously suave in his manner to admiring strangers.
Captain Purnall is not the suave man we left half an hour since, but the embodied authority of the G.P.O.
"My children would tell you that I'm not at all cool or suave," he smiles, "and so my only chance to really become like that is when I'm making a film.
Suave Performer is owned by his breeder, David Shekells, who has the Old Mill Stud at Chippenham just outside Newmarket.