SUAVSSmall Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System
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An example of the former is the use of a cloud-sourced database management system to enable communication of data and commands among networks of sUAVs (Tyagi and Nanda 2016).
Especially for small aircraft, such as sUAVs, the equipment used to achieve high levels of automation may scale disproportionately and actually begin to drive size and performance metrics.
A small unmanned aerial vehicle (SUAV) has a wingspan of about 0.6 to 5 m and a gross mass of about 0.5 to 20 kg [1].
Researchers and engineers propose hundreds of methods to improve an SUAV's flight performance [2-4].
As the recognized leader in products currently used for training against the conventional IED threat, Explotrain is using their patented technologies to accurately simulate IEDs delivered by drones and other Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAVs).
Among potential applications of SUAVs, scouting for diseases and pests is probably the most immediate use of this technology.
While the majority of existing SUAVs are working very well, their performance has not been fully tested under different conditions.
In this paper, we suggest a novel approach named 3-D visibility roadmap, an extension of visibility graph in 3-dimension to plan an optimized flight path for SUAVs. It will provide the flight energy consumption reduction.
The Raven SUAV allowed the ground tactical commander to have situational awareness of adjacent alleyways and visibility of the village's roof tops, to facilitate the safe movement of ground forces.
SUAVs have seen a robust growth due to their widespread applications.
He builds his own sUAVs ( small unmanned airborne vehicles), equipped with camera, computer and auto pilot.
Our infantry brothers now have their own air force in the form of the Raven, a hand-launched SUAV (small unmanned aerial vehicle).