SUBBSouthampton University Big Band (UK)
SUBBSwing Unlimited Big Band
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Tomorrow's gig at the LBT is part of a tour that ends with SUBB playing its final night gig at Edinburgh's Jazz Bar.
In addition to playing guitar with SUBB, the past year has seenNigel collaborate as The Miles Experience with Norway's top session guitarist-vocalist, Rebbe Rebbestaad.
The total cost of the SUBB investment for a period of ten (10) years is RM1.
The HSBB 2 and SUBB are set to benefit not only the consumers, but also Malaysian businesses as we will be able to provide Malaysians with world class network infrastructure and superfast connectivity, boosting the development of ICT-related industries towards fulfilling Government's aspiration of elevating Malaysia into a high-income nation.
The SUBB project on the other hand will cover sub urban and rural areas, passing Public Universities, Institutions of Higher Education (Institut Pengajian Tinggi Awam or IPTAs), Private Institutions of Higher Education (Institut Pengajian Tinggi Swasta or IPTS), Matriculation Colleges and other Government Colleges.