SUBCLINSubcontract Line Item Number
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(120) The ASBCA was not persuaded that any of those issues excused the contractor's untimely performance of the COM services, and upheld the Navy's termination of the COM subCLIN. (121) The board, however, held that the Navy had failed to prove that there was a substantial failure to perform the other housing maintenance CLINs and subCLINs.
(118) The terminated portion of the contract included all five of the family housing maintenance CLINs and their combined twenty-five subCLINs. According to the contracting officer, the contractor was also deficient in performing other significant portions of the family housing maintenance services, and that therefore the family housing maintenance portion of the contract, in its entirety, was the appropriate portion of the contract to terminate.
The board's opinion did not detail the performance deficiencies relating to the non-COM CLINs and subCLINs nor indicate how much detail, if any, on that was provided to the board.