SUBEBState Universal Basic Education Board (Nigeria)
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Thus, this study intends to determine the influence of SUBEB libraries project in developing the reading skills of public primary school pupils in Oyo State, Nigeria.
determine the adequacy of SUBEB libraries resources in developing the reading skills of pupils.
determine the pattern of the SUBEB libraries by public primary school pupils in Oyo state.
identify the reading promotion programme available in SUBEB library.
According to Adediran (2003) the establishment of SUBEB libraries can be traced to the need to enhance and energize the curriculum and its delivery.
They are SUBEB LRCs in each local government in each of the state selected for the study.
SUBEB libraries are established to serve as a model and anchor for school libraries development in Nigeria.
Speaking in the same vein, the chairman Oyo SUBEB, Mrs Makanjuola Aderonke asserted that early childhood care and development education is the first and foremost step towards achieving sustainable development goals.
Thereafter, the governor invited the management of SUBEB and the sole administrators of the 23 local government areas for a crucial meeting.
I went to government first as the chairperson of the State Universal Basic Education Board (UBEB) and thank God my governor knew where I could fit in, it was like putting a round peg in a round hole because apart from being an educationist and a teacher, I had done a lot of research and consultancy for the World Bank, National Teachers Institute and SUBEB in many states.
Few months after he became governor he asked me to come and become the chairman of SUBEB by then, my husband had passed on.
During the quarterly meeting of the UBEC management with executive chairmen of SUBEBS in Nigeria, Dr.