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SUBGRUSubmarine Group
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On 29 April four submarines of SubRon 8 (1-22, 1-24, 1-28, and 1-29) left Rabaul and headed to their assigned patrol area some 285 miles southwest of Guadalcanal; another submarine (I-21) took up a station off Noumea; in early May, two boats of SubGru 21 (R0-33 and R0-34) sailed out of Rabaul for the waters south of Osprey Reef, some 205 miles north-northeast of Cairns, Australia; they were then to proceed to the approaches off Port Moresby.
Mitsunage Iwagama) Eastern Detachment, SubRon 8 (Patrol/Scouting Group) (I-21, I-22, I-24, I-28, I-29) SubGru 21 (Raiding Force) (RO-33, RO-34) SUPPLY FORCE 2 Fleet Tankers (Ishiro, Hoyo Maru) BISMARCK AREA (R) DEFENSE FORCE (Rear Adm.
A partir del grupo chibcha que desde 1888 habia establecido Max Uhle (1890) y del grupo paez, propuesto por Paul Rivet y colaboradores en 1924, Loukotka (1968) incluyo en un solo tronco o cepa de lenguas (stock) denominado Chibcha, entre otros 18, los subgru pos paez, coconuco (con las lenguas guambiano y totoro) y barbacoa (con el awa-cuaiquer).