SUBMEPPSubmarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement Activity
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In addition, the contractor shall provide additional resources to support SUBMEPP s applications, interfaces with the Navy s Enterprise Resource Planning , web initiatives, desktop publishing and content management systems product development, and development of new information technology solutions to support DoN improved business processes and efficiencies.
This process begins with the SUBMEPP's Class Maintenance Plan (CMP), which identifies the Maintenance Requirement (MR), periodicity and configuration information, including the applicable Maintenance Standard (MS).
NSC is working with NAVSEA and SUBMEPP to correct the following PMS discrepancies:
Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning and Procurement Activity (SUBMEPP) is located at URL:
SUBMEPP is recommending changing the MIPs for both the Type 18 (4251/R09) and Type 8B (4251/001) periscopes to incorporate a scheduling aid to weight test the scope bars, eyes, and bolts every 48mos.