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Under the same $2.4m (SAR9m) agreement, Amiantit will also sell 30% of its equity stake in Subor Gap, which Bloomberg's website lists as a joint venture of the Saudi and Turkish firms.
Subor is a leading manufacturer of game console controllers and a leading developer of educational software and VR technology in China.
He simply replicates a colonialist's style of positioning like another "one of us." The positioning style of an imperialist or colonialist deterritorializes the clashing spaces of different cultures and ideologies with "highly asymmetrical relations of domination and subor dination" (4), as Mary Louise Pratt claims.
(16.) This expression attributed to Godard is actually uttered by Michel Subor, playing Bruno Forestier in Le petit Soldat (1963): "La photographie, c'est la verite, et le cinema, c'est vingt-quatre fois la verite par seconde."
O conceito de masculinidade hegemonica presume a subor dinacao de masculinidades nao hegemonicas, e esse e um processo que agora tem sido documentado em muitos contextos, em nivel internacional.
Sweet, Justification for the Aradimorpha as an Infraor Der of the Subor Der Heteroptera (Hemiptera, Prosorrhyncha) with Special Reference to the Pregenital Abdominal Structure1 Denisia 19, Zugleich Kataloge Der OO, vol.
Also, Wang, Law, Hackett, Wang, and Chert (2005) obtained evidence that leadership behaviors predict subor dinate performance in a similar manner in China as in the West.