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by -i-DAT INFL INFIX of DAT/ABS AUX za-i-t under PLRPC 5 iruditzen-V John IVc/C BASQ za-i-t- pozik PLRPC DAT/ABS dagoela -i-.DAT AUX (SUBORD, Object za-l.DAT.
it formal Subject VI/C PRS-3.SG that John is happy (SUBORD. FINITE CLAUSE) DAN forekommer-0 det formal Subject IVa/C Word V seem- at John er glad Order 3.SG (SUBORD FINITE rather CLAUSE) than SV concord is employed SW verkar-0 V det formal Subject VI/C seem-3.SG som att John ar glad (SUBORD FINITE CLAUSE) ITi sembr-a V che J.
Asphodelineae Thorne & Reveal, subord, et stat.
Eriocaulineae Thorne & Reveal, subord, et stat.
Aralidiineae Thorne & Reveal, subord, nov., validated by a full and
p.) and VTB-22 subord. (YTM-6.60%, Z-spread of 417 b.
In the corporate sector over 0.5% growth on Tuesday was recorded in NLMK-18 (+0.63%), Alfa-Bank-19 subord. (+0.61%), Severstal-22 (+0.60%), Alfa-Bank-17 subord.
Amid rumours of Russian investors purchasing Cyprus Popular Bank circulating yesterday, VTB perpet (-1.93%), VTB-22 subord. (-1.49%), VTB-20 (-1.40%), and VTB-18 (-1.38%) slipped most.
In addition, Promsvyazbank-19 subord. (-1.07%) and Severstal-17 (-1.01%) substantially fell in price as well.
Among Thursday's gainers VTB Eurobonds performed especially vividly after a deep decline on Wednesday; they made up most of outperformers: VTB-35 (+0.95%), VTB-22 subord. (+0.55%), VTB-20 (+0.51%), Gazprom-37 (+0.41%), VTB perpet (+0.41%), Gazprom-34 (+0.38%), VTB-17 (+0.35%), VTB-18 (+0.33%), and Promsvyazbank-19 (+0.25).
Overall, NOMOS-BANK-19 subord. (-0.26%), Gazprom-22 (-0.24%) Metalloinvest-16 (-0.22%), Gazprom-21 (-0.2%), Promsvyazbank-17 (-0.17%), and Gazprom-22 (-0.16%) underperformed.
(-1.28%), VTB-22 subord. (-0.50%), VTB-20 (-0.44%), Gazprombank-perpet (-0.37%), euro-denominated VEB-23 (-0.35%) and Gazprombank-19 subord.