SUBPSubtract Real and Pop
SUBPSistem Za Upravljanje Bazama Podataka (Bosnian: Database Management System)
SUBPSistemi Za Upravljanje Baz Podatkov (Slovenian: Database Management System)
SUBPSmall & Underutilized Business Program (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
SUBPSupplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan (insurance; Canada)
SUBPSustav Upravljanja Bazom Podataka (Database Management System)
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The Supreme Court held that (1) the treatment parameters established under the workers' compensation act in Rule 5221.6020, subp. 2, apply to treatment of an injury after liability has been established but do not apply when liability for the compensation benefits owed for an injury has been denied; and (2) an employer that contests its obligation to pay for medical treatment for an employee injury that the employer admits is covered by the workers' compensation act has not "denied liability for the injury" within the meaning of Rule 5221.6020, subp.
fragile subps. fragile es el epifito mas conspicuo (Villasenor-Parada & Neill, 2011), tal como ocurre en otras localidades donde ambas especies han sido introducidas (e.g., Mathieson et al., 2003; Jones & Thornber, 2010).
M Bit Subp Result 1 10011001 10011001 (remains same) 0 10011001 10011000 (replaced) Table 5: Original faces, cryptograms, and decrypted faces.
Salvia cupidata subp. gilliesii es un taxon muy variable en cuanto a la densi dad de la pubescencia, en ocasiones se encuentran plantas con marcada pubescencia glandular en el caliz (como por ejemplo el material tipo de Salvia gilliesi var.
[+ or -] i.q.r, median [+ or -] inter-quartile range; mGluR, metabotropic receptor; NMDA, N-methyl-D-aspartate; NMDAR, NMDA receptor; P/CB, average number of pulses per contraction burst; PLP, pre-locomotor pulse; pT, pre-treatment period; RP, rhythmic potential; SUBP, small, uncorrelated body pulse; SUTP, small, uncorrelated tentacle pulse; T1, treatment period 1; T2, treatment period 2; TP, tentacle pulse.
4410.4400, subp. 20, because it eliminates a protected water.
For some analyses, academic rules are further subdivided into four subp opulations: those applicable to students (grading rules) and those applicable to faculty (tenure rules), with each being examined during two separate academic rule regimes, the Academic Council regime (1891-1967) and the Faculty Senate regime (1968-1987).
As the total penalty rate (negligence and substantial understatement penalty) for 1990 to 1995 was 20 percent onA TAX, it then follows that SUBP was 15 percent onA TAX, that is, SUBP of 20 percent on targeted SUBP of 15 percent on A TAX.
indica subp. africana and may represent a distinct taxonomic line within this subspecies.
canjerana subp. canjerana are well developed, they produce a low volume of nectar with a low concentration of sugar.