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1, subpara. (b) obligates developed countries to "provide such financial resources, including for the transfer of technology, needed by the developing country Parties to meet the agreed full incremental costs of advancing the implementation of existing commitments in Article 4, para.
The text goes on to say, "Unless the aircraft capability or operations meet the parameters defined in Para 2, Subpara A thru D of this message, pilots should reply with unable' ...
1, subpara. 010302.G.4 (2005), directing that "[i]f a member is confined awaiting court-martial trial when the enlistment expires, pay and allowances end on the date the enlistment expires.
807(b)(2) discussion, subpara. (F) (oath/affirmation for witnesses).
110-252 [section]1405 (b)(3), there is an exception for activities described in Subparas A or B of [section]102(b)1 of AECA.