SUBRSubtract Real Reversed
SUBRSouthern University at Baton Rouge
SUBRStates United for Biomedical Research (Raleigh, NC)
SUBRSustainable Urban Brownfield Regeneration (research consortium; UK)
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The Subr is bound with a plant-based compound that Thompson said is sustainable and biodegradable and has no aromatic compounds.
Este, en efecto, y contrariamente a lo que suele pasar, no funciona como una frontera cultural que separa la cultura de la no cultura (Ludmer 2011: 17, subr. de la autora), lo cual es bastante logico por cuanto el gimnasio funciona con dinero ilegal.
Cheremoukhovskaya-Gloubokaya will access new bauxite deposits, and thanks to the optimization of ore transportation and extraction processes, will cut bauxite cash costs at SUBR by up to 15%.
Barbara Carpenter, dean and professor at the Center for International Affairs and University Outreach and director of the Center for Service Learning at SUBR, arranges agreements with colleges in Latin American countries.
Bohuslaw Subr scored and created another with Marcel Kars getting his rebound, and Aaron van Leusen and Jan Jaap Natte both netted to give Blaze a headache.
In particular, Rear Admiral Gaffney, former director of ONR, delivered an inspiring commencement speech at SUBR at the invitation of the Academy and the University.
m.): "secundum quod significar existere per se" (subr. mio).
After evaluating the first Paus PFL 30 LHDs for six months, the Russian bauxite mine Sevuralboxitruda (SUBR) placed and recently received a second order of these machines.
Vinventions also has branched out into micro-agglomerate closures by launching SUBR, which is guaranteed TCA taint-free, in Europe.
New York, NY, August 29, 2013 --( Southern University Baton Rouge (SUBR) and Education Online Services Corporation are pleased to announce the launch of a new online degree program, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).
Lisa Delpit to a new position in the SUBR Department of Education.
En este sentido, Lynch lamenta (...) no haber llegado a dominar las practicas y tecnicas locales de trabajo, que es de donde los actores obtienen la certidumbre de que su actividad tiene un sentido y la confianza en que la mayor parte de sus acciones derivan <<naturalmente>> de otras acciones anteriores y de las circunstancias en que se producen>> (Iranzo, 1992: 134, subr. ntro).