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SUBSTAircraft Subsystem Status Product
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In this study, apart from tax, other variables which significantly affect the financing decisions of Indian firms are SUBST, retained earnings, size and negative owners' equity.
We denote by Subst the set of idempotent substitutions.
It's a bit of electronic sleight of hand that you can see by using the DOS SUBST command.
SUBST = an indicator variable where SUBST = 1 if the insurer writes
Model Implemented Developed and used by with the Help World Bank for Exercises of Hercules in Turkey/Other Countries Software Package Table 3 Effects of Increase in Investment of 20 Percent (Rs 13.5 billion) Simulation Number (Percentage Changes) (1) (2) (3) (4) Model Assumptions Capital Stock Fixed Quantity Fix Rent Labour Fixed Wage Fix Wage Lab-Cap Subst. Elast.
J Environ Sci Health A Tox Hazard Subst Environ Eng 42(12):1815-1825 (2007); doi:10.1080/10934520701566785.
unde finan in sh budg cons ThWels and o the A Wale ing a to loo That and t - suc room It a spon foun organ be ta A n comp Natio Oper organ Arts C Cym been subst Paul It a busin deve betw arts p know throu arts o Wa Arts a impr base Train devis A number of our most prominent arts companies have achieved this, including National Theatre Wales and Welsh National Opera.
subst strs "We are also in the privileged position - because of the way we have managed our finances over the years - that we do not need to sell anyone to fund those new recruits.
The venom can cause blackouts and feelings of well-being and lethargy in people who deliberately have themselves bitten by a cobra (Subst. Abuse 2011; 2:43-6).