SUBTSport Unie Brion Trappers (Netherlands Antilles football/soccer team)
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The SubT Challenge aims to minimize the level of human involvement required so that personnel won't have to be part of the first wave of forces entering a potentially hazardous subterranean environment in the future, he said.
While the agency has established rules and scoring criteria for the SubT competition, it is giving teams as much latitude is possible to come up with innovative solutions.
Registration information can be found on the SubT website (
The SubT Challenge circuits will test the platforms' ability to handle each of the different environments.
Finally, routines Convolution, Subt, and Divide were summoned to compute the variance.
* The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's "SubT" Challenge is aimed at fostering technology that could help the U.S.
* Seller, Bill Cobb; buyers, Bill Cobb, Kenny Cobb; Deed; Lohmeier's Resubd Lot 1 Jabe McCollum's 1st Subt PT SW/4 NW/4 & PT SE/4 NW/4 24-7-2 Lot 1.