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Director Jagadeesan Subu, who debuted with the sensitively-told crime thriller 'Sigai', returns with 'Bakrid.'
There is a popular Yoruba saying that the slim person falls on the breakable plate and the plate did not break, but the person falls on the mortar and the mortar broke (opelenge subu lawo awo o fo, o subu lodo odo faya).
So Subu from Nita says in his creation myth when he speaks of 'Amapu Maro Wulang, Amapu Dunia, and Deot Nipa Ria Tana; or else as Deos Lero Wulang, Amapu Niang Tana, and as Deot Amapu Lero Wulang; reta Wulang Deot deri, Deot lives in the sky; Amapu deri reta Wulang; Amapu lives in the sky [in the Sara Sikka, literally, 'lives with or at the moon'].
"Subu's leadership skills, knowledge of the business landscape in India, and his strong investments in consumer and technology start ups will position him to grow BVP's business in coming years."
Subu Nagasubramony, Visteon's Managing Director, India operations, commented, "Visteon's Innovation and Design Center provides a creative atmosphere for cross- functional teams to work with customers to develop high-value products and services for our rapidly growing business in India, This is another example of Visteon's understanding of, and commitment to, the dynamic India market."
Subu Iyer, an IBM fellow, reminded the audience that we can trace the roots of what is being called 2.5D today back to the multichip modules introduced in the 1970s, when IBM used ceramic substrates with multiple flip-chip die.
CONSULTANT Urologist Subu Subramonian has a theory that frequent travellers who do not drink enough water on long haul flights tend to suffer kidney stones Mr Subramonian has been treating patients with kidney stones for more than 15 years.
"This is a milestone in the industry move to 3D semiconductor manufacturing," said Subu Iyer, IBM Fellow.
"Advanced Polymer Emulsions with Enhanced Titanium Dioxide Efficiency in Paint Formulations"--Yong Chee Seng, Subu Natesan, Jacob Wildeson, Cheng-Le Zhao, and Alan Smith, BASF SEA, Hong Kong
Commonly practiced social rituals of childbirth such as the subu' (a ceremony held on the seventh day after a child's birth) and the adoption by mothers and fathers of the name of their first-born son (or daughter if they have no sons), which is common among rural and working-class urban families, also marks the production of children as a rite of passage for parents.
"We are excited to offer the Aras PLM solution suite to our PLM customers," said Subu D Subramanian, CEO of Defiance Technologies.