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SUCCEEDSoutheastern University and College Coalition for Engineering Education
SUCCEEDStimulating Understanding of Computational Science Through Collaboration, Exploration, Experiment, and Discovery
SUCCEEDSchool University Community Coalition for Excellence in Education (various locations)
SUCCEEDSurrey University Centre for Commonwealth and European Education and Development (United Kingdom)
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That the operation of casting a cannon of 900 feet is impracticable, and cannot possibly succeed.
The materials at present within my command hardly appeared adequate to so arduous an undertaking, but I doubted not that I should ultimately succeed.
The Flower Queen's daughter was delighted to see him safe and sound, and when they were dancing together she whispered in his ear: 'If you succeed again to-morrow, wait for me with the foal in the meadow.
0, Ludwigshafen, will succeed Seitz effective January 1, 2016.
3 : to come after : follow <This new model of car succeeds the old one.
Why is the child reared in a low-SES household still able to succeed in school?
But the heart and soul of Mission College is to help students succeed.
Without them none of us would have the opportunities to succeed and to live free as we do.
Yet he also notes that the students who "live in accordance with old-fashioned principles of effort and will to succeed are the stars of our public schools, the usually unsung heroes who in the future will provide the great brain-power of our country.
org), almost half of the 90 percent of college freshmen who expect to graduate from college had not taken the kind of rigorous or foundational college preparatory classes in high school that would help them succeed in reaching their goal.
What your company needs to do to succeed and thrive in the post globalization metalcasting industry is to re-position itself firmly on the path to either global cost leadership or to dominating a truly unique market niche (i.
The Insiders can succeed only by burying and obscuring truth, which of course explains why their control of the major media is essential to their plans.