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SUCCESSUnited Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
SUCCESSSuccessive Celecoxib Efficacy and Safety Study
SUCCESSStudents Undertaking College Career Enhancing Study Skills
SUCCESSSynthesized UHF Computer Controlled Equipment Subsystem
SUCCESSStudent Utilization of Computers in Curriculum for the Enhancement of Scholastic Skills
SUCCESSSubsonic Aircraft: Contrail & Cloud Effects Special Study
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One of the pleasantest things about success is that it makes people want to look one up, if that's what you mean.
"When I speak of success, I speak of success with the young lady; and when I speak of causes and reasons to make success probable, I speak of causes and reasons that will tell as such with the young lady.
Tom's success in this affair soon began to ring over the country, and various were the censures passed upon it; some greatly applauding it as an act of good nature; others sneering, and saying, "No wonder that one idle fellow should love another." Young Blifil was greatly enraged at it.
Today he was celebrating the success of his jockey.
It was our custom to meet together every year about Christmas, not only that we might comfort and entertain each other, but likewise that we might relate the progress and success of our missions, and concert all measures that might farther the conversion of the inhabitants.
"I am weary of my cheaply won success in the pulpit.
This phase of the many possibilities which he had realized might be contingent upon even the partial success of his work alone had escaped his consideration, so that the first wave of triumphant exultation with which he had viewed the finished result of this last experiment had been succeeded by overwhelming consternation as he saw the thing which he had created gasp once or twice with the feeble spark of life with which he had endowed it, and expire--leaving upon his hands the corpse of what was, to all intent and purpose, a human being, albeit a most grotesque and misshapen thing.
Afterwards I heard of his barrack-room success as a lieutenant, and of the fast life he was leading.
We wish them all happiness and success in years to come, and we hope that the recollection of Our Magazine will not be held least dear among the memories of their childhood.
"Vienna considers the bases of the proposed treaty so unattainable that not even a continuity of most brilliant successes would secure them, and she doubts the means we have of gaining them.
Their reply once ascertained, they could then discuss the mechanical means, and nothing should be wanting to ensure the success of this great experiment.
Koner, triumphantly demonstrated the feasibility of the journey, its chances of success, the nature of the obstacles existing, the immense advantages of the aerial mode of locomotion, and found fault with nothing but the selected point of departure, which it contended should be Massowah, a small port in Abyssinia, whence James Bruce, in 1768, started upon his explorations in search of the sources of the Nile.