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He added: "So there you go, that's the Harry Moseley Cancer Sucks Challenge.
Regulator the Portman Group found Suck & Blow promoted binge drinking and appealed to children through its design and labelling.
In preterm infants, the sucking reflex is often not present at birth and an infant's ability to suck may not be sufficient to sustain adequate nutrition through feeding by mouth.
It's stressful for your brain and your body, making you more likely to pick, pull, twirl, suck, or chew.
Now, I normally try to avoid passing judgment on a movie before I see it, but I feel fairly secure in saying that Max Payne will suck.
Toddlers suck their thumbs because it's comforting.
Both of the flow and suck back controls incorporate a locking device that prevents any unwanted changes.
The usual trepidation set in: "What if it's just a shitty nostalgia act and they suck live now, and then my opinion of one of my favorite bands of all time is shattered?
They use their piercing-sucking mouthpart to penetrate the epithelium and suck the host blood.
suggested thinking of the new device as a "motorized pacifier" that teaches preterm neonates how to suck.
Suck it, suck it, get it wet and luck it" goes the chorus of the opener .
It may reduce the amount of air that is able to flow through the air handier, it may cause the motor on your HVAC system to burn out earlier than it otherwise would, and it may cause the HVAC system to suck more air in through the holes in the ductwork that it used to.