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SUDANStudents United for Darfur Awareness Now (University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, NC)
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The NDA found its base in Asmara and was significantly housed by the Eritrean government in the former embassy of the Sudan Government, which opposed the NIF-led government.
5 million refugees, widespread famine and charges of genocide, the United Nations described Sudan as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world at that time.
I have received a notification from the Humanitarian Affairs Commission in Sudan stating that it has agreed to open a humanitarian corridor for the delivery of food assistance through the World Food Programme to the affected citizens in the country through the port of Aweil city," the official told Anadolu Agency .
We also urge both Sudan and South Sudan to fully respect the 2012 Agreement on Security Arrangements, and withdraw their armed forces from the Safe Demilitarized Border Zone.
policy on Sudan aims to achieve an end to conflict and gross human rights abuses and to ensure that Sudan does not harbor international terrorists.
On January 20, South Sudan announced a halt to its oil production and exportation through Sudanese territories, accusing Khartoum of stealing about 1.
Moreover, with South Sudan encompassing most of the countries' oil fields, while Sudan retains control over the major pipelines needed to export that resource, the governments have been stuck in a deadlock over the distribution of the costs and profits of oil production.
Ban urged South Sudan to withdraw its forces immediately.
China is a Sudan's important customer and investor in oil since it owns a stake in two pipelines running through Sudan.
The Republic of South Sudan separated from Sudan and became an independent nation on July 9, 2011.
including the University of California, Brown, Amherst, and Princeton, are choosing to divest from companies with ties to Sudan.