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He remained associated with a number of international universities including King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Sudia Arabia, University of Iowa, VPI and State University Blacksburg, USA, International Center for Theroetical Physics, Italy, PAEC, and Daresbury Nuclear Physics Laboratory, UK.
Hock Co., Gainesville, FL, EE.UU.) fueron suspendidas a 50 cm del suelo y separadas entre si por 25 m, en un transecto lineal dentro de cada localidad (Sudia & Chamberlain 1962).
"Institutionalization and Unification of Islamic Courts under the New Order," Sudia Islamika: Indonesian Journal for Islamic Studies 2 (1).
This finding could be attributed to the abundant wetland regions and bird sanctuaries located in southeastern Virginia and is consistent with previous reports from other eastern states (Chamberlain, 1958; Chamberlain, Sudia, Coleman, Johnston, & Work, 1969; Hayes, 1981; Howard & Wallis, 1974).
Illustrative of this approach have been studies examining the effect of the presence or absence of fathers from the family on children's school performance (Herzog & Sudia, 1973; Kriesberg, 1967; Moynihan, 1965).
''The defendant was convincingly proved of planning the terrorist acts and was also proved of possessing weapons without a permit,'' panel chief I Made Sudia said.
The conference proceedings include: "Introduction: Historical Highlights" (Esther Wattenberg); "The Struggle for a Responsive Child Welfare System: The Role of the Children's Bureau" (Cecilia Sudia); "Reflections" (Jeanne Giovannoni); "Commentary" (Clarke Chambers); "Challenges from the Front Line" (Denise Revels Robinson); "Award to Senator Robert Tennessen" (Sandra Gardebring); "The Current Crisis in Child Welfare: What Can Be Done?" (Mark Courtney); "A Comparative View of Child Welfare: Britain and the United States" (Michael Little); "The Welfare of Children: Agenda Items for a New Century--A Panel Discussion"; and "Response from the Field: A New Direction, A New Generation." (SM)
Larger cultural and societal processes may account for variation among African Americans in their attitudes toward transracial adoption (Herzog, Sudia, Harwood, & Newcomb, 1971, Howard, Royse, & Skerl, 1977; Simon, 1978).
An absent father may have a need for adventure or feel unable to meet the requirements of his role (Herzog & Sudia, 1971).