SUDOCSystème Universitaire de Documentation (French: University Documentation System)
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Within each sector, the materials were kept in SuDocs number order.
Staff in the Cataloging Department created bibliographic records for sections of SuDocs numbers, organized by initial letter: "Uncataloged Materials Government Documents A," ".
The mistakes included errors in SuDocs numbers written on the cards, shelves skipped, and pre-existing shelving errors resulting in yellow-carded sections being out of sequence.
Solution: Items that pushed sections over capacity were sent to cataloging; these items were removed from the middle of the section so that beginning or ending SuDocs numbers did not have to be modified.
Overlap in SuDocs number ranges due to mis-shelving.
Solution: All "Uncataloged materials" records were reviewed and resorted after loading was complete to ensure items were in proper sequence to keep item records in SuDocs number order.
Mediation was typically required prior to the introduction of MARS, since the former BGIC space was difficult to navigate and users generally required assistance in identifying SuDocs numbers for desired items.
Access to uncataloged publications requires staff assistance, potentially, at several levels including 1) verifying citations and SuDocs numbers, 2) searching bulk records in Millennium, 3) retrieving a bin, 4) searching the bin for the desired item, and 5) following up with an interlibrary loan request if the piece is not available.
Monthly totals of pieces received by format type and by location are included; percentages of the documents that stay in SuDocs and those sent elsewhere are calculated.
Some of Downie's solutions include government documents librarians' working collaboratively with faculty and instruction librarians to validate and promote the use of government websites for research; comparing the nature of the SuDocs classification system with other multidisciplinary research strategies; emphasizing the unique point of view that each agency would have about any particular topic; creating pathfinders and other instructional aids to familiarize general reference librarians and students alike with commercial finding aids--both in print and online--that are unique to government information resources.