SUDPSubstance Use Disorder Program (US VA)
SUDPStrategic Urban Development Plan
SUDPSomalia Urban Development Programme
SUDPSpecific Urban Development Plan (California)
SUDPSichuan Urban Development Project (World Bank)
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a) The transfer functions of SUDP system: The transfer functions can be derived as below.
c) SUDP loop: Given the transfer function of the RED control derived in [20], the transfer functions of RED control used in SUDP loop can be written as:
So the loop transfer function of SUDP system can be derived as follows:
To keep the SUDP loop stable, we need to make sure [absolute value of L (j [omega])] < i and [angle] L (j [omega]) > -180 [degrees].
where [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [] and [K.sub.tcp] are defined similarly as those for SUDP loop.
The fact that treatment with TCDD, OE-DEP, or OE-UDP did not increase IL-6 and led to only a moderate increase of CRP mRNA expression compared to sDEP, sUDP, DEP, or UDP suggests that particles rather than the co-pollutants mediate the increase of CRP and IL-6.
CRP induction by DEP, UDP, sDEP, or sUDP was blocked by about 75% after pretreatment for 15 min with 100 [micro]g/mL aggregated IgG, which blocks binding to the Fc[gamma] receptor.
The stripped particles sUDP had still significant effects and increased CYP1a1 mRNA levels by 20-fold (Figure 7).
The stripped particles sDEP and sUDP did not significantly increase the amount of cholesterol in U937 macrophages compared to control cells (Figure 8).