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SUDSSustainable Urban Drainage Systems (civil engineering)
SUDSSubjective Units of Distress Scale (anxiety level rating)
SUDSSudden Unexpected Death Syndrome
SUDSSingle-Use Diagnostic System (Murex rapid HIV test)
SUDSShaw University Divinity School (North Carolina)
SUDSStop Underage Drinking and Sales
SUDSSudden USB Death Syndrome (personal data assistants)
SUDSSheffield University Drama Society
SUDSSurface Duct Sonar
SUDSStudents Understanding Diversity
SUDSSite Unique Data System (Air Traffic Control)
SUDSSecurity UserID Definition System
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Target: Suds Up Car Wash and Shine Time Express Car Wash
The ability to manage water in the built environment with SuDS allows landscape architects and engineers to design much more experimental and multifunctional urban and green spaces.
Ah yes, scented candles casting a glow, soft music playing, a glass of wine and a good book to read amidst the suds.
SuDS are a natural approach to managing rain water and are becoming increasingly common.
APHSA believes the recommendations and proposed changes have the potential to make a positive impact, will enable further progress in the treatment of SUDs, and can go far toward achieving meaningful and sustainable results for individuals, families, and communities.
Amongst a number of other topics, SUDS COUNTY 2 will also focus on both the national and international growth of the India Pale Ale (IPA) and an investigation of the evolution of the San Diego IPA/Pale Ale over the years.
Why do many professionals treating SUDs have the perception that treatment has such a limited impact?
This approach is guided by three principles: drug use can be prevented by using evidence-based programs; SUDs are a disease of the brain that can be prevented and treated; and, with the right care, people can and do recover.
Oil company Rockdale Resources (OTC PINK:BBLS) announced on Monday that it has completed the acquisition of 10% Working Interest (WI) in the 2,600 acre Slick Unit Dutcher Sands oil field (SUDS) in Oklahoma from SUDS Properties (SPL), a subsidiary of Houston-based Jovian Resources (Jovian), for an unknown amount.
The same system likewise tracks a client's dealings with Suds to reward customer loyalty with free services or discounts, to allow customer feedback and even to tell him at exactly what time his laundry will be ready for pickup at the store.
Clinicians should carefully monitor adolescents on stimulants who have SUDs because of the potential for abuse, Dr.
For example, in searching a hypothetical application for the registration of the phantom registration of SUDS ______ BREW for beer, the possible combination of SUDS SAN DIEGO BREW for beer might well conflict with another party's prior registration of SAN DIEGO'S BEST SUDS & BREW for beer.